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When I think back on the trip, front and center in my head is the image of me sleeping in my tent with my family, and then getting woken up not by a bear or heavy rain or strong wind, but by a guy with a bright light and a gun right outside my tent. I recognize you and others believe the rangers are really great guys and are doing the best they can.
Brian, I would encourage you to share your feedback to the DEC. If they can't see any violations, then they shouldn't be waking you up. The DEC should know that this had a significant negative impact on the quality of your trip.

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Few years ago my son went with his scout troop to Catskills and they got awoken in the middle of the night by a ranger who ticketed them for pitching their tents in violation of some rule (either too close to the trail or a to a lean-to but I can't remember which one it was.) Somehow, reading your story makes it feel more like a playbook tactic for raising funds rather than a mere coincidence.
If you've violating the rules, especially if you're a group, then you shouldn't be complaining about being ticketed. It's particularly bad that it's a scout troop breaking the rules. Aren't you supposed to be teaching scouts to be good citizens and leaders?