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Thread: Finished the 770>>>>

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    Finished the 770>>>>

    I finished the 770 (777) on August 15th 2020 atop Spencer Bale Mountain in Maine.
    It took me roughly 8 years to climb them all.
    To my knowledge I am the 12th finisher, and the first from Vermont to climb the 770.

    Thanks first and foremost to my incredible and supportive wife Renee who climbed over half of them with me.
    Thanks to Dennis for keeping me busy all these years!, and for his insight and inspiration.
    And thanks to all the awesome bushwhackers and friends I have met over the years!

    Some thoughts:

    Favorite bushwhack mountains:
    Catskills - Beaver Kill Range 3377’
    Vermont - Cold Hollow Mountain
    New Hampshire - The Captain
    Maine - Boundary Bald (East Peak)
    Adirondacks - Sawtooth 1

    Easiest bushwhack:
    Catskills - Woodhull Mtn
    Vermont - Mount Tabor
    New Hampshire - Blue Ridge (N. Peak) 3102’
    Maine - Leroy Peak
    Adirondacks - Burgess Mountain (once you get permission and start bushwhacking)

    Hardest bushwhack:
    Catskills - Friday Mountain
    Vermont - East Seneca
    New Hampshire - Anderson
    Maine - Barren
    ...And the hardest bushwhack not only of the Adirondacks, but of the entire 770 goes to:

    Unsurpassed in awfulness. Like being a tiny insect caught in one thousand spider webs.
    Do not venture into the basin between Redfield and Allen, or if you do,
    may God have mercy on your soul.

    Virtually nothing beats being out in nature and the wilderness of the Northeast (well maybe pizza). I cultivated an even deeper appreciation for the outdoors, the natural world, and animals. I overcame physical challenges greater than anything I have faced before. The benefits of the outdoors cannot be over stated. It is my hope that those wandering the shopping malls of America forgetting what a tree even looks like, or excessively glued to technology will come to recognize the tremendous mental and physical benefits of getting out in the natural world. The Northeast, and particularly Vermont, is the most beautiful area on Earth.

    Spencer “Bigfoot” Crispe
    West Brattleboro, Vermont.

    770 completion atop Spencer Bale Mountain, August 15th 2020:

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    Nice ! Congratulations !
    Dennis always tried to talk me into doing that list and I kept telling him he was out of his mind.
    Good job, now what ?

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    Nice going, Spencer. Well done !
    "The fact that going off the deep end appears
    to be a requisite to doing anything of consequence
    in this life has not escaped me." Jim Harrison

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    Definitely an impressive accomplishment.

    What next?

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    Awesome work!

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    Great job!

    Oh, the stories you must have!
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    Sweet! well done and congratulations. 8 years is pretty good. I'm 20 years into that list and almost 50% done.

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    Well done. Awesome accomplishment. You really ought to replace that T-shirt though.Click image for larger version. 

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    Congratulations! I was wondering: do you have an estimate of the number of miles you had to drive in your quest?

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    Wow! That is a lot of mountains to climb in a fairly short time. I can't imagine the focus and dedication it took to stay fixed on that goal in such a dogged fashion not to mention the consistency of performance over that time span to simply cover all that ground. Congratulations. A singular accomplishment.
    "I am a pilgrim and a stranger"

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    Wow. Congratulations!


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    Amazing! Congrats.

    Question: What was your main navigation method for most of these whacks? GPS, map/compass, terrain following, stars, etc.??
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    Congratulations, Spence! Extraordinary accomplishment.

    Check out the article:,612600. Frontpage news!

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    Congratulations, Spencer! As someone who enjoys peakbagging and bushwacking, I am in awe of the dozen of you who have completed the 770. As someone who also grew up in Brattleboro, way to cover our hometown in glory. Congratulations, too, Renee!

    A couple of questions:

    1. Where does your nom de guerre come from?
    2. Did you start peakbagging with the 770 in mind? Or, did you start with subsidiary list(s), e.g. the Adk. 46ers or WM48, and grow into the 770?
    3. Are you a Vermont Sixer yet? (See the attached PDF, retrieved from here:
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    Spencer, you are amazing, sir. I knew you were after this list, but had no idea you were that close, but at least saw how you were banging them out. Absolutely amazing feat, you are now in a very elite list of northeast bushwhackers, so I guess I gotta revere you as well. ;-) Congrats. Many congrats. And good on you for the props.

    All I know is what's next is something regarding a peak(s) around Success Pond.

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