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Thread: Thank you NH!!!

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    Thank you NH!!!

    Drove from Cleveland to Lincoln in 11 hours and got a room at Parkers. Next day I packed into Unknown Pond with my dog. The climb in was tiring, but zero bugs or weather issues, and the trail crews had down a marvelous job of clearing off the trail. Then to top an already great day, I got the only tent site that has views across to Mt Washington. Actually, for the first two nights I was the only camper there. Hiked each day my dog and I were there, and couldn't believe how few people we ran into. Three nights in and we hiked back out and spent two more nights at Parkers. Rooms were clean, bed comfortable and noise was non existent. Driving around and seeing all those gorgeous mountains staring down at me was almost too much. Even though I have a bad knee and am 69, I came out of this with zero aches or pains. I am already planning my return trip next year to try one of the big boys. Thanks again NH!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbi99 View Post
    Drove from Cleveland to Lincoln in 11 hours and got a room at Parkers... Thanks again NH!!!
    Yaaaay! Sounds like a great trip. We do a drive to Akron now and then and it's a long haul from NH. Kudos to you.

    Come visit again. The hills are waiting for you.
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    Thanks for your report, that's a beautiful spot. And I like Parker's.

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    Happy for you buddy! I get the bad knee for sure.

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