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Thread: Survey: guidebook format

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    IMO, ratings are relative to each other. As long as you are consistent in your publication, that is all that I would expect.

    all easy hikes < all moderate hikes < all strenuous hikes < all Chris Dailey hikes

    I wouldn't care too much about the relative difficulty within the "all easy hikes". The WMG offers a few curated hikes for each category in each major regional section, for example. I do appreciate the additional details where a particular hike strays too far from the norm, like when you talk about Huntington Ravine, North Tripyramid Slide, anything in King Ravine, Wildcat, etc...

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    After reviewing the comments above, I have reworded my rating levels:

    Easy: Hikes up to 3 hours in length with 500 meters or less elevation gain. Maximum altitude 2,600 meters.

    Moderate: Daily stages of 6 hours or less, with up to 1,000 meters of elevation gain. Maximum altitude 3,200 meters.

    Advanced: Daily stages up to 7 hours and an elevation gain up to 1,500 meters. Maximum altitude 4,300 meters.

    Extreme:. Daily stages up to 8 hours, substandard trails and/or elevation gain up to 1,800 meters. Unless otherwise noted, maximum altitude 4,300 meters.

    I removed subjective phrases like "For hikers in reasonable condition" and "Suitable for experienced trekkers in excellent physical shape".

    Most of the hikes fall in the Advanced category. The name "Easy" for the first category doesn't seem right. I'd like to change it but I'm not sure what would be a better one-word description.

    Missing from my guide is any suggestion for clothing and gear. I see that has a page devoted to the subject. I think a good solution in my case would be to provide links to gear pages on other sites, that mirror similar conditions in terms of weather, temperature and altitude.
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    I have to give the nod to the AMC Guide over the ADK guide, however, it's a minor difference, When the High Peaks Guide says the climb is steep , it's very steep. We are pretty much the choir though, I'd be more curious what FB Hiking Group users use and other online groups. While I liked the old Brick (AMC 25th) as it fit in front of the gear shift of car, I'd never consider bringing a book on the trail. Between the weight, bulk and if you fall into a body of water, possibly ruining it in water it/s not worth it. Besides, the research on routes and options should be done before your hike.
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