Wasn't it in Sandy Stott's book where he questions why people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, work SAR or Rangers, never call for rescue proportionate to the time spent outdoors? One response was "I'll crawl on my hands and knees for four days before I call SAR". Thats pretty much my view on it.

I rarely spend money in NH, outside of gas, or maybe a snack at the Irving in Gorham or N Conway. I can make it there, and back, on a full tank of gas and I usually have enough food with me for a day or two. I'd stop at a restaurant, pre-covid, occasinally, but now, just too much trouble to do so.

co-incidently, My gf went hiking this past weekend while I was doing my 14 day quarantine due to being exposed at work. She hiked Pleasant Mtn and came back to the trailhead to a flat tire. She called AAA after she couldn't get the tire off the hub. Got the lug nuts off, but the rim was rusted on. The AAA guy had to smash it was a sledge hammer to knock it off the hub.