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Thread: Pemi Puddin Heads

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    Nobody told me there'd be days like these
    Strange days indeed -- most peculiar, mama

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    At least they picked the East Side trail to need a rescue. Its about as easy place for a rescue in the whites as possible. A pickup can and does drive to the campground and for the rest of the length its readily covered with an ATV.

    Maybe they saw the really nice loop where they walk the length of the truck road then cross the river on the big suspension bridge and then walk back out via the Lincoln Woods trail,,,,,, Wait they took the bridge down 20 years ago

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    Waiting for more details, thinking all parties weren't from Florida as it wouldn't be a destination of the truly clueless. (I don't know where it's safe to hike in FL to avoid large reptiles) Maybe someone came back to relive childhood memories or maybe spreading ashes of a departed love one who loved hiking in the Pemi area.
    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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