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Thread: VT Hiker Crush

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    VT Hiker Crush

    Saw this on Tuesday on the VT Public Radio website:

    Not a lot of hard data but an interesting read on the hiker increase spurred by Covid this summer. On a different thread focused on the Whites a few commented about overall lower 'crush' than in the Whites, to which I generally agree as the Whites show this easier due to the density of popular/must reach destinations here. But we went to Sentinel Rock State Park near Willoughby for the first time mid-Sept. and we were absolutely floored by the amount of cars we saw at the trailheads south of the lake on Rte. 5A and along the lakeside trailheads, and for long stretches of roadside at same. It was freaking slow and dangerous driving and we felt like we were driving through Franconia Notch dodging car doors, dogs, and people. We got a little concerned our destination would be crowded, but luckily only a manageable amount of people were interested in odd boulders and cedar trees like us.

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    Oh yeah. A couple weeks ago we went up Ascutney from the Weathersfield side early on a Saturday morning (only truck in the lot at 7:00) and by hte time we got down at about 10:00 the lot was overflowing way down past the first houses. Not a lot of VT plates ;-)
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