Ultimately its the Maine taxpayer. Maine has a "proud tradition" of passing the buck down the line to the next administration. In the short term local contractors and suppliers are employed for the build out and local politicians are happy, then the developer opens up the resort with a big promo budget to get the traffic in and usually it takes a couple of years of operation before the books settle out. By that time the developers have made most of their fees and are onto greener pastures and then the payments slowly start to slow down until some triggering event shuts them down. By that time, the new administration blames it on the lack of review by the prior administration and the taxpayer eats it. Lawsuits are filed, but assets are long gone. The current owner got the place for fire sale as the prior owner had violated some agreements with the state, rather than live up to the agreements, he reportedly fire-saled it to a new owner who is on the hook to live up to opening the place back up.

The East Millinocket papermil mess several years ago was the last big debacle with state financing. Hundred of millions of dollars went to developer and through a complex set of transaction the money was distributed to the participants without a dime going to the project. The project lead went to court and it turned out that the only assets in his name was the money in his wallet, everything else including real estate and twin turboprop plane was all in assets he ultimately controlled but could not be attached. Here is flavor from subsequent legal action https://bangordailynews.com/2014/06/...gnp-thermogen/

Fame is lending money to the former Madison Paper mill to new owner that are making a cellulose insulating board that they claim is new to North America but suspiciously looks like an older product that fell out favor years ago.