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Thread: Hawaii - Fee for rescue

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    Well, I guess if they just charge hikers who blatantly go by closed and no trespassing signs fir a photo op, I don't see a problem. Looking at the places mentioned by name, Sacred Falls, nice but like falls here, if you catch them when it's not rainy season or after a good rainfall, the flow probably is meager.

    I can't believe they built Stairway to Heaven, Breathtaking yes, invasive to nature and way too narrow to really handle two way traffic. I can't believe they built it at all.
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    I think the issue here is illegal hiking at prohibited places and then subsequent rescue.

    The combination of Hawaii's heavy tourist influx and extremely dangerous topography create a unique situation.

    On Oahu there are many trails on narrow, vegetated, knife-edge ridges where a misstep means a 200-fall.

    Stairway to Heaven is a regularly bootlegged hike due to it's incredible setting and challenging terrain. (Several sections of stairs are missing.). I'd like to see it repaired and managed on a permit system similar to Half Dome.
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