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Why aren't there more/any food trucks at trail heads?? My wife and I talk about this whenever we are up there. Seems like an absolute no-brainer on FRI/SAT/SUN and holiday weekends. Are there permit/legal issues for food trucks in NH?
My guess it would depend on the Trailhead. Within the National Forest I would expect some sort of Permit to operate as a Concession might be needed. Other trailheads not within the forest would most likely be left up to local ordinances. In the Conways Food Trucks although not at trailheads we’re doing quite well the Summer of 2019. Although they were subjected to permitting. Each individual food truck was only allowed to stay in one location for two weeks. The model was working pretty good and was fueling some local entrepreneurialism even at the High School level. I would think that Ski Areas could benefit from some food trucks but also would be subject to permitting. Personally I find the whole culture to be quite fun.