Stupid question no doubt but are there any sustainable (i.e reusable) options to Zip Loc bags for food storage for hikes? Ziplocs are undeniably super convenient and easy for storing food, organizing food and cooking food. But every time I get home from a backpacking trip and see all those plastic bags and foil pouches going in the trash it makes me cringe a bit thinking of the state of affairs of the environment, especially considering virtually every backpacking article and blog advocates the use of Zip Loc bags for just about everything and thousands and thousands of people are doing the exact same thing I'm doing.

My wife had bought some washable, reusable silicone "zip loc" bags somewhere and they fit the bill but they are quite small, expensive and pretty heavy (I don't believe they were designed for camping). Got me wondering if any of the environmentally conscious folks on this site have any kind of system similar to Zip Loc bags that they have found to be effective. I don't have a huge issue taking a bit of a weight penalty hit for an item with a similar convenience factor but some Google searches I've done really haven't unearthed anything promising. Probably because no such thing exists but with all the innovation showing up on this front of late I figured maybe somebody here has stumbled upon something work a look.