I have CRS bad so they'll be a lot of "don't remember". I've put this in the search bar but can't find what I'm looking for. Within the past 2 years I believe, someone mentioned something about an update of some sort that would effect GPS units. I think it was Garmin specific but could have been about all GPS's. I don't remember exactly what was being done, new satellites, software for satellite tracking, connecting to satellites, whatever. But it was aid that if your GPS unit was made prior to, I don't remember, the accuracy could be way off. I have a Garmin Oregon 450t. probably 10 years old. Maybe older, I don't remember when I got it. At any rate, I checked the accuracy when whatever was changing did and it was sating accuracy in single digits to teens for most of the time. Recently, it's been way off. Knowing where I was and where it showed me. Accuracy saying 65' and more. This is not a constant. Most of the time it's very close. I love the Oregon's. at first didn't think I'd like the touch screen but came to love it. way better than the toggle button IMO. As it's pressure sensitive touch so it doesn't matter what glove you have on. Garmin does not make the Oregon anymore. I want to get a second hand/refurbished one. So the long awaited question is.... does anyone know what year devices had to be made after, for whatever the change was that effected earlier units? Provided anyone even knows what I'm talking about. I know it was discussed here, just can't find it.