Now that I finally have a kayak I've been trying to figure out good off-the beaten path places to take it out for day trips amd hopefully some overnights. While researching some possible hikes in Maine this Summer I noticed that many of the lakes showed campgrounds on the shores of lakes and islands that don't appear to have road access (specifically it was in the Rangeley area - Mooselookmeguntic, Upper and Lower Richard, Aziscohos,etc). Are there bodies of water in the Northeast where you can put in a canoe or kayak and camp "at large" on the shore or nearby woods? Most areas around my house and Southern New England are definitely private property and definitely off limits. Was curious if any of the more remote lakes and water bodies in New England or NY offer that option. Most of the places I've researched to date are established campgrounds you pay to stay at.

Anyway, any suggestions anyone may have for good places to do some "floating backpacking" away from the masses would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. (I should also point out that my wife and I have recreational kayaks, not touring set ups of any sort. Not looking for seacoast trips, lengthy paddles or extensive portages. Just remote scenic freshwater areas to paddle with flexibility to camp.)