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Thread: My letter to Baxter State Park>>>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by egilbe View Post
    The most common question asked at Disney World is "What time is the 2 o'clock parade?"
    The most common question at Dollar Tree is "How much is this?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpencerVT View Post
    I have been a frequent hiking visitor to the park for quite a few years. I am writing with concerns regarding your staff. Some folks on your staff are ornery and seem like they do not want to be there. I have definitely encountered some staff whom are wonderful and friendly; however some of the other employees we have interfaced with evoke an unpleasant lack of friendliness which is really off-putting to users of the park.

    I fully respect that there are rules, management regulations, and that their jobs can be difficult. It’s not about that. It’s really about that these staff do not even say “Welcome To Baxter State Park” upon arrival. Instead, they almost treat visitors like a nuisance. The tone, demeanor and behavior of some of your park staff more accurately reflect a State Trooper who has pulled someone over for doing something wrong, rather than an ambassador for the outdoors at a wonderful Maine State Park.

    As mentioned, my wife and I have encountered some very welcoming and helpful personnel in our hikes there. However, some of the other staff act curmudgeonly and quite unfriendly. Baxter State Park is one of the most wonderful and beautiful natural areas anywhere, and it is my hope that you will take this letter to heart and address these issues with your staff. It would be so nice to hear “Welcome to Baxter State Park” upon arrival instead of the current cold, unwelcoming demeanor manifested by some of your staff. I appreciate your time and consideration.
    Did you ever hear back?
    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HockeyPuck View Post
    The most common question at Dollar Tree is "How much is this?"
    Ha! I just went to Dollar General and bought 4 items, for $4.00.


    The total was $26.00!
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    Re: did you ever hear back?

    Not yet. I am not holding my breath though!

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