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Thread: Odd Coincidence on Wildcat

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    Odd Coincidence on Wildcat

    I made my second visit to Wildcat since the ski area closed down for the season. I was hiking it a lot last spring as technically it was a local hike for me. I usually head over early so the snow isnt mush heading up. I pulled in the lot and there was a Red Toyota pickup with 100x48 for plates. Two years ago this time of year, I followed the same truck down RT 16 and into the lot and when I pulled up realized the 7x48x12 plates. I got to hike up that day with Hiker Ed. This year I was a few minutes late and was following fresh tracks. I got up to the beginning of home stretch and saw his pack in a snowbank and figured he was close by. Just about a minute after getting to the lift building I heard some noise in the woods and out came Ed from his traditional visit to Wildcat E. I made a comment that he must be a traditionalist bagging Wildcat E. He recognized me and I got to join him for the last bit of the hike up from the ski area clearing up the AT to the summit platform. It was windy up top so he headed down the shortcut to the ski trail while I headed back down the AT. I quickly caught him heading down the ski trail and he explained that when he did the Wildcats he skips Wildcat D on the way back. He invited me to join him to Wildcat A but I intentionally left my snowshoes at home, so I headed down.

    I bare booted the hike with my trail runners but had traction in the pack. The slopes are melted out about half way up. There were a couple of hikers on the trails as I headed down and few more cars in the lot when I got down.
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    Ah, pretty sure I met that guy at the Ammo Trailhead last month at the end of my day. That license plate sticks in your mind.

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    Ed's a great guy. The only time I hiked with him was on a Twins/Galehead hike, and coincidentally, there was a Boston Globe reporter and photographer along that day to write a story on his grid adventures.

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