Beautiful bright blue day all the way up to Kinsman Pond, but... hidden monorail on Fishin' Jimmy. Trail up to Lonesome Lake was fine for microspikes (snow a bit softer after a couple of spring-like days) and wide enough to a avoid postholing. Not so on Fishin' Jimmy, where lower traffic meant narrower trail and many more opportunities to posthole. Switched to snowshoes after 10 mins on Fishin' Jimmy, but that did not prevent postholing altogether, especially because of wider gait needed. And snowshoes were not the best on steep sections of softer snow. (Switched back to microspikes for descent, and glad of it.) Had aimed for North Kinsman but went no further than Kinsman Pond -- a consequence not only of tougher than expected travel above Lonesome Lake but of my sorry state of post-winter fitness!