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Thread: Grouse Obsessed with NH Man

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    Grouse Obsessed with NH Man

    I've had a few encounters with them over the years. But none have tried to perch on my shoulder!

    "Call it love or call it obsession, but a woman in New Hampshire says she and her daughters returned from a recent trip to find a wild bird had become bewitched by her husband."
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    Neat! An as the article says, not unheard of.

    A newly improved ski trail opened this most recent season at Gore Mountain. It's called "Pete's Paradise." (For those familiar with Gore, Pete's Paradise is the improved, regraded incarnation of the trail "Cut Off.")

    The backstory on the trail name is that there was one of these unusually tame grouse which befriended the workers grading the trail. The bird would come in and sit on the seat next to guys while they were operating equipment. They named him "Pete." In a nice touch, his likeness appears on the trail sign.
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    I came across an attack Grouse several years ago on the way back on Isolation. He was on the trail and refused to yield to a foot or two into the woods to allow me and a friend to pass. Hiking with poles, I put one of the poles between he and I and he attacked the pole. The ones I saw in Maine were tame enough to sit just off the trail and sit there letting me walk with a couple of feet. As I teen, I had hunted their more leery CT brethren and they would have escaped through the brush. The Northern New England breed appears not to be afraid of humans.
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    It is the time of the year for grouse chicks. The other day I was hiking on an old logging road in Spencer Brook Headwaters in Campton when I startled a Roughed Grouse and her chicks. She flew off with thunderous beating of wings which scared the XXXX out of me and then I witnessed 3 or 4 teeny tiny chicks scurrying away in opposite direction. Then next thing you know she is back doing I'm wounded act where she struggles to fly but cannot in other direction. I was not attacked so I guess I was heading in direction away from where the chicks scurried off to.
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