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Thread: Hitch Up Mathilda Question

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    Hitch Up Mathilda Question

    Is the Hitch Up Mathilda in Avalanche Lake a bridge or a floating walkway?
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    Not floating, not a bridge either, it is a wood plank somewhat elevated boardwalk walkway loosely "attached" and supported by the adjacent rock cliff face and the ground below (where possible). In some places you are at lake level, hence "hitch Up Matilda" with her long full dress as was fashionable women's wear at the time.
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    A most definite unique, daunting and inquisitive trail all rapped up in to one. A passage really of sorts.
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    They are as unique to the ADKs as ____________ is to the Whites

    A - Mahoosuc Notch
    B - Ice Gulch
    C- The lower, under boulder trails like Mahoosuc Notch, Morgan Percival, King Ravine
    D- Something else?
    Have fun & be safe
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