I made my first foray to Grafton Notch State Park this past Thursday to begin three days up in the Whites. It's quite a drive from Rhode Island so I broke it up, stopping in North Conway to pick up some lunch and supplies before continuing on to Gorham and beyond. Finally I made it up there by 3 PM. There were a good number of cars in the lot but people also use this lot to head up Square Ledge so I didn't think I would see too many people. This proved to be the case.

I went up the Eyebrow Trail which had some good rock slabs. There was some steel cable and steps for the steepest parts. As it was a dry day they weren't necessary but I could see them being vital if the rocks were slippery. After this steep climbing there were some great views of the notch itself. The trail descended a bit before rejoining the Old Speck Trail and climbing again at a consistent but never excessively steep rate.

At the summit was a clearing with a fire tower. Thanks to my late start I had the place to myself. I don't love heights so climbing the ladder up the tower wasn't my favorite but I was fine once I got up there. I hung out for about 45 minutes until the bugs got the message and began to descend on me. I took the Old Speck Trail down which I preferred as it had falling water alongside much of the trail. Not surprisingly the parking lot was mostly cleared out when I finished at 7 PM and the bugs had set up shop there as well so I didn't linger. A beautiful area up there and I would certainly like to return and enjoy some backpacking.