Looking at a map I have of inholdings in the WMNF, the trail gets as close as 350 feet of private property although the terrain looks quite steep. There is "bench" in the slope about 1600 feet south of the trail. Given its location with a view over Campton and up the Mad River Valley a prime commercial spot for a cell tower.

Thread Drift - With the big push to 5G the density of cell towers in the US needs to increase exponentially as the maximum effective line of sight distance between a tower and a 5G phone is 1500 feet. Conventional cell towers can go far 40 miles but normally are set up for 20 mile or less depending on terrain and interference. Realistically IMHO this density for towers for 5G is going to keep it limited to affluent urban areas or places with special events like sports stadiums. Given the major subsidy ATTs First Net is getting, my guess is this might be ATT deployment with other firms jumping on the bandwagon. Federal law prevent a town from banning cell towers but does allow limited restrictions on location. Most of the time the carriers are forced to co-locate on one local tower instead of installing multiple towers. Most standard rural cell sites are set up to host four carriers.

My guess is low earth orbit satellite tech will win out at some point over building a denser grid of towers.