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Thread: Severe Drought declared in Central Maine.

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    Severe Drought declared in Central Maine.

    Keeps up like this it's going to be tough on NOBO and SOBO thru hikers if it's isn't already. Below is a quote from FB from a Gentleman whom runs a hostel on the AT near the 100 Wilderness: "Springs at Chairback Gap and Long Pond Stream leantos have already dried up. The Barren-Chairback range is bone dry from Long Pond Stream, northbound to the outlet stream of West Chairback pond, a mile or so before Chairback Gap lean-to unless you want to make a half mile detour to Cloud Pond. Carry at least 2 liters and camel up before leaving any water source. I've already had 3 dehydration/heat related extractions".
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    No surprise on Chairback Gap water source, its always was marginal, basically its the outlet of a moose wallow. That is a rugged stretch although MATC has done some incredible stone work in the area.

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    I just spent a week in KI Jo and I couldn't even wet a line. The streams are all so low and warm. The ford at Gulf Hagas barely touched my ankles.

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