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Thread: Flags on the 48 - 20 years on

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    Flags on the 48 - 20 years on

    If you're planning to do a 4K this Saturday and don't like crowds, better rethink that plan.

    Flags will be flying from the summits of all 48 4Ks Saturday, from Noon to 2PM. Most of the peaks have quite a few people signed up to be on the summits. (Last year on Garfield there were easily 200 people throughout the day, but it was a bluebird weather day).

    If you DO like crowds, check out the proceedings at - We'll see you on Hale!

    Never forget!
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    Our group will be on Moosilauke this year and will be flying flags on both the main and south peaks.
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    I'm planning to whack up to West Bond via Red Rock. I figure that's probably a safe route to avoid people until the summit. I look forward to the flyovers every year.

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    Well done and thank you to everyone participating. Also big time t kudos to VFTT's very own Frodo for starting this whole annual remembrance!
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