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Thread: Peak Bragging 2021 - Let's hear what you did!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Rankin View Post
    The standard answer from most hiking clubs is that you have to return to a trailhead for it to count twice.
    That would seem to make it not count if you were to base camp for a week. and then go over something twice not count. So, if I go into the sites by Lake Colden by going over Algonquin on a cloudy day, and then down to the lake, that counts as one. (Why would I do that with a full pack might be a good question). The next day I go back up to do Iroquois and when returning, it is clear and I decide to summit Algonquin again, that doesn't count as a second trip, that seems unfair.

    Thinking If I am camping in the Panther Gorge area, I want credit each day I climb out. (Summit Haystack one day & go back because you had a late start or weather, Day two go over it and out to Basin, then back to camp, I want credit for Haystack on day two, at least once. I'd really question who planned this trip also, camping on the other side would make more sense.)

    I guess unless you were taking about trips that occur on 12/20 and 12/21 where you count one as not winter and one as winter (yes, assuming winter started at 12:01 on 12/21) or if doing a grid, doing one trip on the last day of a month and then going over on the first day of the month it doesn't really matter.

    In my case, since counting S. Twin on 8/12 and 8/13 didn't impact any "official list" and I've done it several other times in all four seasons, I'm counting it twice on my list. Afterall, I didn't start this for the badges, who needs the stinking badges...
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