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Thread: Melting Glacier

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    Melting Glacier

    Most of you have probably read about the ice avalanche on Marmolada in the Dolomites.

    I came across this amazing pic of the aftermath. I looks like much more than a collapsed serac, as reported by the news services.

    If you inspect the pic you can see that the entire surface of the glacier, down to the underlying rock, detached all at once. The result is a huge hole in the glacier 100s of feet deep. Amazing.

    Ten or more hikers missing or killed.

    Record high temps in the Dolomites this spring so I guess this is how it will eventually end for many of Europe's glaciers.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I recall hearing years ago that a similar phenomenon is feared for the Cascade glaciers, especially Rainier and Baker. Warming temps don't just cause gradual melt - the glue that adheres the ice and snow to the volcanic debris underneath gradually weakens, and spectacular releases can occur well before the mass of ice on top is gone. I have no idea how much of that is a real threat, but it looks like something similar was at play in the Dolomites.
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    I think I have posted about this movie on another thread as well, but there is a great feature length movie, Newtock, about the first American community forced to relocate due to the permafrost beneath it melting into the ocean. It's fascinating and extremely well done.

    The ices are melting, and while they may grow some years, sadly, we all know which way they are heading.

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