After years on the 4ks, I was looking for a change. I found it in the 52wav list. That is an amazing list of peaks and a list I plan on repeating again soon. In the mean time, looking for more new ground, me and my dog arrived in the Ossipee range. I had done Roberts about 5 times and did Mt. Shaw for the 52wav list, but that was it. I've spent the last 6 weeks exploring the range and it's been quite pleasant. Many tote roads line the range and go not only to the crest of the ridgelines, but along them as well. This allows for incredibly comfortable hiking and the signage and blazes are such that you could hardly lose your way. The views over the lakes region and the surrounding peaks are very nice. There is even a patch for doing the major "!0" peaks. Many of my hikes are mostly people free, to date, I have never run into more then 3 people on a hike. If your looking for a quiet and enjoyable place to get away and try some new ground, the Ossipee's are worth a look. Most of the major trails can be accessed by one point, the Parking area on the Castle of the clouds property off Ossipee mountain road via route 171 out of Moultonborough. 3 more peaks for my dogs patch, then it's back to the 52wav list.