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Thread: The Ossipee Range

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    Quote Originally Posted by sierra View Post
    I am a wandering dinosaur in the modern era of technology.
    Nah.....not really. Your just getting old and losing your sense of direction.
    "I'm getting up and going to work everyday and I am stoked. That does not suck!"__Shane McConkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken MacGray View Post
    Random bit of info: Camp Merrowvista was contacted about adding Mt. Flagg Trail to the 5th edition of the AMC Southern NH Trail Guide, but declined permission. They don't mind people using the trail, but didn't want to publicize it in a guidebook, which I completely understand.
    When I did go into Alltrails, the description section had a disclaimer from the camp stating the trail was closed during kids camp. I called the camp and talked to the director and she gave me permission to hike, but added, please don't advertise the trail for now. So maybe it's ok, but they definitely don't want crowds of strangers during camp sessions and quite frankly, I don't blame them. After my hike, me and Shay stopped by and thanked them, they were quite gracious.
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