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Thread: Update on River Crossings???

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    Update on River Crossings???

    Any chance someone's been up in the White's in the last couple of days?
    I'm supposed to lead a trip to Owls Head tomorrow. We'll be skipping two of the crossings but I'd like to have some sense of what we could be running (or is that wading) into. Or maybe we should just bail on the idea (again!!).
    I'll check in again tonight to see if anyone has posted...

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    The rivers are running high right now. The Swift and the Saco, in the Conway area, are very high. The rain has been abundant, but steady, so the rivers are full, but not over their banks.

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    Check out this real-time stream flow chart for NH. Look at the East Branch of the Pemi in Lincoln (under Merrimack Basin) and the Ammonoosuc in Bethlehem (under Connecticut Basin). They're the closest monitored rivers to the area you are concerned about. When I just looked at them now, the flow has been well above the median all day, and the East Branch has been fairly high. So, yes, surf's up tonight. You will have to wade, I'm sure. It will also depend upon how much rainfall there is tonight, but you can check the chart in the morning before you leave and see what the difference is. (Take a look at the Saco and Androscoggin charts and you'll see what forestnome is talking about!)
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    I can say that the WIld River is quite high, but passable. Gris and I forded it on the Shelburne Trail on Saturday evening. Gris tends to float more than I do though

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    Yes, it's been proven do-able, late night w/ lightening strike illumination & the right attitude!
    Buy my new book 'Zen and the Art of Pessimisim,' or not. I guess it doesn't really matter if you read it.

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    We made it

    I submitted a trail condition report for this trip. We avoided the first two crossings (heard the first was knee deep) by bushwhacking but even on the later ones, the water was high enough to cover most of the stepping stones (to about ankle deep) but with waterproof boots, hiking poles and much care, we all made it across and back. Not to be taken lightly, but crossable.

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