View Poll Results: Current Favorite Brand of hiking/treking poles?

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  • LEKI

    40 50.63%
  • Komperdells

    18 22.78%
  • Black Diamond

    8 10.13%
  • Life Link

    0 0%
  • REI private label

    4 5.06%
  • EMS private Label

    6 7.59%
  • Others

    9 11.39%
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Thread: (poll) Treking poles: your favorite brand?

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    The Tetons in pic.. live in MidWest

    (poll) Treking poles: your favorite brand?

    Can you answer below your favorite or current treking pole (brand) that you are now using??

    Black Diamond
    Life Link
    REI private label
    EMS private label

    Thanks. Jerry

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    Syracuse, NY

    I have only used Black Diamond pole so it is hard for me to say I have a favorite. I did not know if I would like using pole in the summer (I did use ski pole in the winter) so I picked up a pair of BD at REI Outlet for $45.


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    Tramper Al
    Is it not still the case that both the REI brand and EMS brand poles are made by (and labeled) Komperdell? All of my (REI brand) poles are.

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    I've had 2 pairs of Leki's, a pair of Komperdells and one pair of Black Diamonds.


    1) 3-section collapsibility is not worth the decreased strength when
    compared to almost-as-short 2-section poles
    2) twist locks (Leki and Komperdell) wear down over time and don't offer
    much adjustment
    3) the BD flicklock mechanism is stronger and can easily be field adjusted
    when if it does loosen
    4) Leki's have better grips and wriststraps (the cork ones with the x-c pole
    like straps
    5) Both Leki and Komperdell grips and straps can be put on BD poles
    6) if you get the BD poles, throw away the half-baskets that are meant for
    engaging ski bindings. Put real backets on them.
    7) antishock is something additional to break and was as affective as I had
    8) if you are going to use the same poles for skiing, make sure they can be
    made long enough to kick and glide

    From someone who is:

    1) large and hard on gear
    2) also skis a lot
    3) cares about money

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    Meredith, New Hampshire

    Komperdells branded LL Bean "Snowshoe Poles"

    They are collapsible (three sections) and my only complaint is that the paint flakes off and I have to disassemble them periodically to clean out the chips. I've replaced the plastic tightening / friction "nuts" a few times as they've stripped (LL Bean sends for free). Rarely does their collapsability come in handy, only when for some reason I don't want to use them and shrink them down to strap to my pack.

    I like the added stability when carrying kids on rough terrain. That's my $0.02!

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    Got to go with my two section Black Diamonds. These things have taken a beating and they still work like new. They collapse short enough to strap to my pack and I love the locking mechanism. So much better than the twist locks. By comparison, in the same amount of time my wife has gone through two pairs of EMS poles and needs to purchase new poles. The first two pairs bent fairly easily. I'm not to confident in the quality of those ones.
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    I voted for Komperdells and EMS brand as they are one and the same. I can only comment on these as they are the only ones I've ever used.

    I've used the cork handled, three section, twist lock versions for a little over two years now and have no real complaints.

    The twist lock mechanism can be a b*gg*r to adjust if the poles are slippery and can also slowly slip and shorten up but I've never found either trait to be that annoying.

    Mine have taken quite a beating and the lower section of one has a bit of a bend in it where it saved my neck two winters ago when I slipped and fell. Quite by chance it managed to wedge itself betwwen two rocks and saved me from a much nastier fall.

    If I were to replace them today I would probably go for the newer versions that have the grips angled slightly forward. I find my wrists get a little strained on downhills and this might just be what's needed.

    I also like the cork grips as they tend to stay grippy when wet and stay fairly neutral to ambient temperature.


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    I like the EMS Komperdells...have two pairs, including the newere Alpinist model that has the cork handles on a 15 degree angle which aids in positioning comfort. Have not had issues with the three sections or twist locks. When the lower section of my older set bent on Washington last year EMS fixed it at no charge.
    - Mike

    How bad can it be?

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    For what ever reason any set of poles I get seem to bend and one set of Kompperdels litrerally came apart on the Ammo one April . I endue up using my axe and micky moused pole to hike with
    I am not that big 5.11 180 but some how the lower part of the poles seem to bend and I do not put alot of force or wieght on them . But they do help and I will not hike with out poles. Maybe I can make some poles out of some oak i cut down . But they will not collapse for travel.
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    I voted "other", meaning an old broomstick. Here's why I prefer it

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    NO complaints with my Komperdell REI's.
    GO BOSOX!!!!!!

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    Ive trashed many pairs of poles and the only ones that seem to hold up to the abuse that I dish out on em are Lekis....thats my choice
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    Sherpa John
    Both Sarah and I own and use our Leki Makalu's

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    I have two pairs of Lekis--a 2-section pair that I bought many years ago as ski poles and a 5 yr old pair of 3-section Makalu trekking poles. Both still going strong.


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    Love my Lekis, I use them on my bushwacks, they've been very dependable in every way.

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