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Thread: Any suggestions? (ADK's)

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    Any suggestions? (ADK's)

    My wife and I have 3 days to spend in the ADKís during the week of Aug 8th and I was looking for some suggestions. We havenít decided exactly how weíll do things but have the luxury of choosing from one extreme to the other. Ie. We can stay in a hotel and do day hikes or we can go bushwhacking with our backpacks.
    If we camp in the backcountry, Iíd just as soon avoid the more crowded areas.
    One possibility that interests me would be to target the trailed Hundred Highest south of the High peaks area. Either car camping or back country camping. Is it possible to set up a base camp and do several trailed HH from there?

    Another would be to do some sort of a thru-hike, not necessarily involving any summits, but with the possibility of doing so. Anywhere in the park would be fine provided that we wouldnít constantly be in the trees with no views. We donít mind paying for the shuttle/taxi service so we donít have to come back to our starting point.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    As a loop hiker & a peakbagger, I'd look at a loop from the loj, (Crowd Central) that depending on mileage you want to do & things to see could go through Wallface Pass or Avy Pass, past Lake Tear & into Panther Gorge & then back to the Loj past JBL & back via South Meadow. I'd want to see some peaks too. You would get away from the marcy crowd pretty quick.
    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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