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Thread: Hiking/Backpacking/Climbing ect. books ---> ebooks?

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    Hiking/Backpacking/Climbing ect. books ---> ebooks?

    Does anyone have a good link to a site with a nice selection of backpacking type ebooks? I love to read about my hobbie, but can no longer afford to purchase books. I dislike "borrowing" books form the library because I occasionally loose them and still have to purchase them (along with guilt of the loss). I also wish to learn a little bit more about ebooks. Like - should I always just download them in the pdf format or are there better formats I can download ebooks in?

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    So far as ebooks, are you planning on using a PDA?, or your desktop computer?

    I use the Dell Axim X50 with a rhinoskin case. So far as software, use both Microsoft Reader and a .pdf reader. I'm usually geeking while peaking, use the PDA Notes software to capture random thoughts along the trail, record times at the junctions and peaks, and even have the nh4ks.xls loaded for near real time data collection when bagging a peak.

    Here are some good sites for ebooks:

    I'm sure there are more.

    Another brief thought, powells and other sites offer used books in addition to new books. I have bought used books for less than 20% of the cover price. Shipping & handling costs? Cheaper than driving to a bookstore.


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