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Thread: Ghost towns

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_wu002
    This Book has quite a bit of info. I bet if you encourage people to share some knowledge of these towns here in addition to book rec'ds you'll get even more.

    -Dr. Wu
    I got around to getting this book( Logging railroads of the white mountains) from the Plymouth State library and must say its quite spiffy. Some of the pictures such as the summit of Owls Head on fire and the picture of the entire Pemi wilderness completly bald are shocking. Worth getting no doubt.

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    Another thread offers some good theories on "peakbagging levels". This thread is a good example of those who've done that and seek a different experience while hiking, bushwhacking etc. Thanks.

    This link was provided to me when I inquired about Mt. Cilley recently. It is fascinating but I don't know if it is a duplication of one of the other links.

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