The mistress grasshopper has spent the past year recovering from a lower back injury.She was ready for a hike and we needed to pick our son up at camp so off we went.drove up thursday after work and slept in back of truck(not mistress grasshopper's favorite),very spartan,but she was game.We were on the trail by 7:00 am and took off

at a brisk pace on the gravel road.The trail up to beaver pond cutoff was firm mud and not to bad,lots of people on trail trying to beat rain forcast and take advantage of dryer than average trail conditions.Ran into some hikers from england working on 46!My wife is an artist and really enjoyed the section along the cliffs and on up panther brook.No big views from summit of panther as clouds were hanging low but could see couch,the sewards,and seymour.Nice cool breeze on summit and a few snacks and we were headed back down.As we were going down instead of rain we got a few rays of sun and a nice rest stop at the pools on panther brook.It was at the pools that my wife realized that her knees were a bit sore from bouncing down the rocks (my son and I are trail runners and tend to leap and bounce down the mountains),after some ibuprophen we were on our way with no other problems and no back pain.All in all a great hike and she will be working on some knee stabilizer exersizes to get ready for some fall hikes.

you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right (GD) look right.