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Thread: Open campgrounds in the Catskills?

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    Open campgrounds in the Catskills?

    So, it's my understanding that all DEC grounds are closed. Could people post any campgrounds that they know to still be open and may remain open for a while?

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    I think only Stokes State Forest in New Jersey is open all year for camping.


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    Can you still camp in a closed campground?

    I've never used campgrounds but I always wondered... can you camp in a closed State Campground during the winter? The parking lots are still open for anyone to use em and the of course the sites are empty. Any laws or rules concerning this?

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    North/South Lake is open until October 23. For reservations by phone or online.

    I don't the current DEC policy about camping in the campgrounds past the close date. I did not find anything on that question searching the DEC website. I believe I have seen people camping at North Lake during the winter, but not in recent years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevCon223
    I think only Stokes State Forest in New Jersey is open all year for camping.

    Stokes is open year round. They also have fully enclosed shelters with wood stoves. Swartswood SP, Voorhees SP and Wharton SF in NJ also offer year round camping

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    Some of the state campgrounds used to remain open until after hunting season on a limited basis, no water, bathrooms, and so on. Usally a honor system for paying.
    In todays Mountain Eagle, the Windham,Hunter paper, there was an article about Bear Spring Mountain State Campground being open until 12/20. This is located in the western catskills near Downsville and Walton. No water, privies, 14 sites, on a first come ,first served basis.
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    During hunting season, I've seen most hunters simply camping at the trailheads.. I don't think it's technically legal, but they don't seem to have a problem. Places I've seen hunters camping are

    The first parking area on SR214 north of Phoenicia off to the right.

    At Balsam Lake, south of Balsam Lake Mtn

    Alder Lake parking area.

    Most of the hunting in the catskills seems to be out western catskills where the peaks aren't as high and there are less people. Don't forget to wear hunter orange if you do decide to hunt during rifle season. I've ran into hunters near the Mill Brook Ridge from Alder lake.

    I think Rifle season this year for the catskills is listed here:

    I wouldn't worry too much other than rifle season... Nov 21st to Dec 12th..

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