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Thread: Uploading an avatar

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    Uploading an avatar

    I know this question has been asked before but a search did not turn the topic. How do I upload a picture (from a cd) to make it an avatar? I have tried on several to do this and have not been successful. I cannot figure ot what i am doing wrong.

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    Go to the User Cp section (button in upper right of screen).

    Then go to Edit Options (tab near top of screen)

    Scroll to the bottom and you will see a button to change avatar.

    Click and then you'll see a screen where you can upload a picture file.

    You will be able to browse like Windows Explorer. If your pic is on cd, then select your cd drive and double click on the file you want.

    The avatar must be 150x150 pixels and 20,000 bytes or smaller.

    If the size of your picture is the problem, open the file in Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, or some other such program. Shrink the picture size (note the difference between cropping and shrinking) until the file fits the above requirements.

    good luck!


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    Thanks, Spencer. I might sticky this thread since it seems to be a common question.

    - darren

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