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  • Happy New year to you too! I will be back in the Sewards hopefully, in a short bit to do the big daddy, Seward itself! :)

    I broke out Colvin/Blake last winter! That was a fun trip... Lots of good buttsliding down Colvin and the snowdepth was insane. A lot more snow than this winter start... And no 52 deg days in Tupper Lake!
    Are you going tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th? We are climbing Macomb first for sure and starting at 7AM and depending on conditions we will go to Carson and Hough and down LillianBrook. Still we may backtrack if snow too deep or wet. Lillian Brook herdpath is about 2 miles long of wich .5 is very steep.
    Yeah, I set up a separate thread since my Winter thread got kind of convoluted... It's entitles "sewards on 12/27-12/28. We've got a full room at a motel in Tupper Lake on the 26th before we leave. Some need all 4, I just need the 3, so I may dayhike it but there are some folks who may backpack in and stay at the leanto at ward brook..
    Haha, ok, nice to know. Maybe Adam can't take extra hot wings himself, or isn't as fun to watch when he attempts it!
    Oh, and why is that? He seems to be a great guy...even if he can't take extra hot wings ;-)
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