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ALGonquin Bob
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  • Hello there! So Charlie said he saw you Sunday morning around 8:30am. How was your hiking? Sorry we didn't run into you at all.
    I'm still interested in the Maine hike in July. It's too away for me to know if I can do it the week you picked. Julie
    Hey Bob!

    Good to hear from you. Please see my latest post (made before I read your message), so you can see we are on the same line of thought. I would LOVE to camp at Roaring Brook or anywhere else with you guys. It would make the trip that much more fun....so, pencil me in as a definite and stay in touch.

    I am currently working on the NE67 so I am looking to tag all 3 4000's, but I have plenty of time to work out the details.

    Cheers, Stu
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