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  • For a sunrise hike, she would be one big grump on the way up, lol. Don't think I can get her up earlier than I already do. Sunset might work, though....
    I'm always interested, it's just the availability thing...I seem to not be getting my one weekend or two weekends off lately...not a complaint, that's the way it's worked out. Alex wants to get out there every weekend, so there's that. I need to get my stamina up so I can do a sunrise/sunset hike with you AND take ALex out the next day. I'm not there yet, though.
    Hey. So you had a birthday the other day? Me too! Mine was yesterday, actually, and yours was on the 31st I think? Our shared Aquarius-ness probably explains our shared cerebral point of view -- which others have told me is a fancy word for "spacey."
    speaking to Paradox's note..freakish does not even begin to tell the story..

    yeah..I am hoping for a rainy cloudy day soon.. it's been too long

    thanks for the square recognition
    "some of the start times are pretty freakish -- 2:30/3:00 am."

    I'll have coffee ready for the sleepy heads.
    I am an early morning type of guy myself, if you want some company call my cell, PM me, or email.

    John Messinger: jmmdds at roadrunner dot com
    cell: 707-9685
    Hey Clay, How was your trip this am? I was thinking of you as we were plodding up 93. We had a great hike up the Moose. Clear on the top with an undercast. I'll try to get to a report with some pics later tonight.
    Hi, I've just been asked to help with the AMC NH Chapter Day at Cardigain. I haven't hiked that region much but have always wanted to go over to from Firescrew to the Cave. I'm not near my guidebook right now but thought you might know something about distance off-hand. I've been offered to co-lead a short hike in the AM, then my own choice from 1-4. Any thoughts? (The group would not be too slow or too fast.) Thanks. Ellen. [email protected]
    You can! I was looking at the peak Saturday saying to myself, wow, I wish I was up there.
    Thank you for the feedback! Yea, I usually appreciate the comments from people, even if it's remarking on my poor decisions. You learn more that way! At least, I do. :)
    Well I seem to have a daily-refreshed supply of greenies, so it sounds like a plan to me :)
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