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  • so let me see if I've got this straight:
    1) Sabrina leaves a message on my message board
    2)I click conversation and reply to Sabrina
    3) My reply shows up not only on my own message board but Sabrina's message board (or wall???) also?

    I think I'm giving up trying to understand....What ever happened to the telephone?:D
    Hey Judy! How are you!
    These visitor messages are confusing! At first I didn't know where to post my replies!
    yeah, yeah, yeah...laugh at the idiot who doesn't know what she's doing with this thing

    so I went exploring out in the world of visitor messages and found out they just pile up

    what I can't figure out is this "view conversation" thing-I looked at yours, Leaf, with Viewseeker~is it that maybe only the original guest and that member can add to the conversation?
    yeah.. geez judy! clean up this mess! it's like an obstacle course in here! ;)
    Okay, I really have no idea how this message board works...I was just trying to clean it up and "soft deleted" my own message. Only the content went away but it still takes up space. I guess there's no way to clean up my own page. And what happens to all these messages if I don't clean them up periodically? I give up.
    Hi BC, I'm missing your 46'er reports now that you're done, but have been enjoying all you lean-to rehab pics and reports!
    hey judy! hope things are well with you.. been thinking about ya! stay positive!
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