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  • Thanks! That's and oldie but a goodie! Heard from Eric that you two had a great day out there last week in the Pemi. That's a favorite hike of mine now.:)
    Hey Cath,
    I loved the Lincoln Slide exit route images and report.
    Got a deal for you.
    When I come back in my next life with new knees and hips I'll look you up and we will
    do them all over again.

    My first Owl's Head ascent came in 1970 .
    As I got to the top of the slide, (the scrub was low then) I raised my head after grunting out the last few steps and was greeted by a cut off branch in the left eye.

    Couldnt see.

    I didnt know what hit me until my 2 Golden Retrievers started "whinnying" and looking at me. My eyeball was bleeding.
    It was a long nervous hike down and out and then a drive to Littleton.


    Be safe and well Cath and climb onward,
    John Burrows
    Sadly, my avatar is not SJ. The gentleman you're seeing is Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys - the finest in Canadian cinema.
    Thanks for the greenie Cath - the trip only took twice as long as you would have!
    Thanks! Great route and have wanted to get out to those ponds for a while now. Perfect weather we are having -- can't wait to hike again. :)
    Hey Cath..it was quite a day and a terrific group effort for FOT...as for your own achievement..well.I am awestruck...you go girl..it did not look like you even broke a sweat..as for captain deadhead..thats a different story
    Cath -- thank you for the continued encouragement with the photography...oh, and the green square. It's all very much appreciated.
    Thanks Cath. No one else seemed to connect with my idea of "leave the trail in better condition than you found it" but it seemed like common sense to me!
    Hey Cath,

    Sounds like you had fun yesterday. Sorry I didn't run into you folks. Larisa tells me you might have tried to email me. I think Views has an old email addy on file. I'm currently at [email protected].

    Hope all is well.

    Thanks Cath. You know, that signature is nothing but a bunch of 'tra la la' to most people, but a true dog person really understands what it means. You obviously have passed the test.
    Happy birthday..and thanks for your words of encouragement which helped get me back on track..er...trail.. sadly missed carrigain the other day but certain to run into you at some point...Happy Trails
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