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  • Hey Chomp, there was a discussion some time ago about AMC and paying for trailwork. I must admit that I've come around to your side. It is wrong to charge volunteers for trailwork.
    So how do they come up with $100 for trail work? Transportation, food, tools, supplies, insurance, record keeping? Please say beer too! :D
    Thanks -- I liked your post better. I jumped to an answer, and then I thought about the question. You know, we actually do see about 50/50 male/female hikers out there.

    Whenever there's a sensitive topic that pushes my buttons, I make the mistake of typing first and thinking later. I hope to eventually learn how to wait a day before responding...
    I think chomp did the same thing over at the skiers group. so I'm following in suit.
    I figured since you're the drunk hiker moderator I should make myself look good by being on your friends list so I don't get kicked out of the group for a drunken rant.
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