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David Metsky
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  • Great job on the Pemi Loop. Do you think Bondcliff first is the easier way to do this? Great pictures.
    Thanks a ton, Dave! When are you planning your first Pemi?? I would love to join you.
    hey man. see your dropping weight like it's your job. great job i know it ain't easy
    Hi Dave,
    Sorry about the Cog picture, if you're the one who moved it. I really didn't know where else to post general photos, or if there is even an area for that? I thought it may have been interesting to some folks. Maybe general backpacking? Did you repost by the way or just delete? Sorry again!
    Hi Dave - were you the Dave Metsky at MudFlat this weekend? I was going to say hi on my way out Friday night, but couldn't find you in the swarm. You work is very good - hope you sold some. I saw another VFTTer on the way out. Do you live in Somerville/Cambridge? I'm in N.Cambridge. See you around. Ed.
    I inadvertently posted the same thread twice to the "nature photography" forum. Could you please delete the first thread?

    Thanks, and sorry,
    You should probably just delete it again. I didn't post it here, other people have been doing that. I'm sorry if you find it offensive.
    Hi David,
    Not sure you are the one who moved my post and clarifyed the title (thank you). Could you please kick it over to the N.E. Q&A section? Or delete it and I can repost it there tomorrow morning. And sorry for posting this to your profile. I can't PM from my phone???.
    I tried to respond to some postings located in NE Trail Conditions (New Hampshire) and it would not let me post. It stated something about not having sufficient authorization or something like that. I'm not sure what it all means except that I am unable to post?
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