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  • It takes a little while for all of the hiking muscles to appear. If she enjoyed it otherwise, a little mountain M&Ms or Vitamin I (ibuprofen) will help.
    It was great to talk to you too! Sophie did great, no problems. This was #5 for her including East Osceola from Greeley, which is a lot steeper. She was a little cold on top and I put her under my coat to warm up. Jeanne had a great time, but unfortunately her knees did not appreciate the trip!
    Hey Ellen, it was great to meet you on the Garfield trail yesterday (with the first timer, Jeanne, and my little dog Sophie). It was a great hike! Looking forward to seeing you on the trails another day!
    Thanks Ellen! On our way up we met a group coming down, and an older fellow amongst them stopped and chatted with me a bit, he seemed to really enjoy the equipment. He asked why I was doing it, and all I could think of to say (outside of honoring my family's history-which would require a long, boring explanation) was "just to show it can still be done." Shared interest is all it takes. Best!
    I was astonished too. Sage and Max looked completely done after we reached the summit. As we descended the slide, we discussed where we were going to camp. After some rest, chocolate, Goldfish crackers and water, both girls decided they wanted to walk just a little farther....then a little farther...then a little farther...until we were five flat miles from the car. Then they decided they were going to hike out. Got their second wind, I guess. I was okay with this since I had the tent and sleeping bags, figured if they gave up we could always find a nearby place to crash.
    Thank you, Ellen, for your kind words and thoughts (and green spot) re: Tuckerman. Your kind support really makes a difference to us, please know.
    Hi, I just received letter from Fish & Game and I'm told I owe $7,000 for rescue end of March!! Can you recommend any New Hampshire lawyers. Thanks.Julie
    Thanks for the "green" Ellen!
    Yes, further regarding that "Yankee ingenuity", it was a real treat to converse with the gentleman from Hart's Location. Seemed like a fine person, and a true New Englander.
    I think many would agree that these two qualities often go hand-in-hand!;):)
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