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  • Ellen, can certainly take you to "the shelter", as we call it and fill you in on all the history of it. While there we'll take you to Spy Cave, which is close by, and has an interesting story of its own. Our pace is very relaxing on Saturday's. Most of the group is in their mid to late 50's, Charlie and I are in our 60's, Hank is in Arizona till May and he is in his early 70's and Bernie, who is recovering from injury, was the original founder of the group, and will be 78 in July. It is a nice social- mixed group of people who like to hike. You will have a good time I am sure, learn a lot and our pace will accommodate whatever pace is comfortable for you and you are certainly welcome to bring along your husband or few other hiking friends if you wish.

    Thanks for the 'friend' invite. I've been asked in the past but know nothing about it or the benefits or negatives so I try to keep stuff simple. I'm here, you know where to reach me and I usually get back to folks pretty quickly. Let us know when you wish to see the sites. It's an open invite so no rush. I'm at M several times a week so anytime is good.

    Ellen, been meaning to say hello, so hello. Seems we have a mutual hiking friend, Charlie Farrell from Taunton. Apparently Charlie has hiked with you several times including this past summer during which you expressed a desire to visit some historical places on Mt Monadnock that you had heard about. Charlie indicated that he invited you to join us sometime and we would take you to what ever sites you wish to visit. So make your list and drop us a email someday and we'll be more than happy to show you the sites. Very interesting mountain once you get away from the throngs. I have a group that hikes Saturday mornings 8:30 from the Park parking lot at Monadnock, when we are not up north. Join us then or make arrangements. Nothing so important that I can't squeeze in a hike and it doesn't take much arm twisting to get Charlie up here. Take care, Kerry
    Ellen, thank you for the "greenie" regarding my "unintended bushwhack" to Owl's Head peak on Cherry Mountain. And, you are so very right . . . I do indeed have a lot of fun hiking to places that are usually "un-listed"!;):)
    Thanks for the greenie. That was one of the primary reasons I wrote it. Very little to worry about out there but keep your guard up always.
    Thanks for the green thing. Perhaps I'll have the pleasure of meeting you on the trails some time.
    I feel your frustration. I was invited to accompany a group in an attempt on Whitney and Shasta. Both times I was turned back by altitude sickness. They both remain on my "to do" list. Next time, I'm going to spent days acclimating instead of a few hours. We went in early June up Alvalanche Gulch and stayed at Helen for the night. That's the way I will try it again. Next trip out there, I will also attempt Lassen and Mt St Helens. As my buddy said..." the prospect of instant annihilation is something that should be missed."
    Thanks for the "greenie". At first it seemed like a "chore" taking the time to write it but I really got into it and had a good feeling once it was finished.
    Yes I remember the Ossa's quite well as my friend had a Phantom 250 and a neighbor (who was older and married ) had a Plonker he raced on the trials circut. I dont ever remember actually seeing a Bultaco though. I rode a Hodaka Combat Wombat 125.
    Thanks for responding. I have been riding dirt bikes or Enduro's since I was 13. I am new to Bethlehem (moved here in '06) made the big move from Littleton (yeah a world traveler) and I know where Pierce Bridge is. Thanks again,
    Yes, that sounds like a nice trail. It's a good flat one for your decrepit state! Patricia and I once led a group on a hike through of that trail, spotting cars at both ends.
    Yeah, I poke in every once in awhile. I am actually a moderator of an Internet forum(non-hiking related) so it takes a lot of my computer time! Me and the kid are going backpacking over April School vacation week. Delaware Water Gap, so he can do some more AT miles. I haven't been hiking much this winter. More rain this weekend! Yeah, go for it with a trail! Did you pick one out yet? I think usually they have a big list to choose from in the spring. Feel free to ask me any questions!
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