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  • Sounds like my family. I have to plead for them to pick a date for birthdays and anniversaries and I usually threaten to make plans unless I hear from them! Maybe you should try that! :)

    I hope so! I am still waiting for my supervisor to make the October weekend schedule, though, so I will need to wait to find out!
    hey jay - nice to hear from you - not much been going on since coming home from alps - just being a husband and dad - hoping to get some hiking in the next couple of weekends - might be coming to the ADK's in oct.. possible, but not in stone yet
    LMAO--- I had tried to clear a stick in the trail by stattling it, well it poke-me- where-the-moon-dont shine...LOLOLOL....then like seconds later steve did same thing and it poked-his-where-the-moon-dont-shine!!!! :) danielle loved being at the firetower and BBQ, sorrry i didnt get to talk much to ya, maybe at the magic gathering...:)
    Hi Jay,

    Yes, I'm undercover over here.

    That outhouse is at our cabin in the Adirondacks. I am a third generation member of the Moose Pond Club. It's at the end of the road leading to the Vanderwhacker trail head off 28N if you're familiar with that. That photo was taken on one of my winter snowshoe trips in there. I'm sure you know what it's like getting in and out of an outhouse when the snow is that deep. :D

    Looks like I may be able to make an appearence at MAGIC this year. Still trying to pin my buddies down for a date on the Lows Lake trip.

    oh yeah i hope he comes too!!!!! :) we'll be sure to let you know when we are definate!
    i have not ever met susan in person but i am so sorry to hear that -- is shady the dog that had the bad fall last year??
    Oh kewl...I didn't see that! I hope I am not working that weekend...I am working the weekend of Sept 19, then off the next (Baxter). My October work schedule isn't posted yet -- so hopefully I will not be on that weekend OR will be able to swap with someone if I am. I also hope I can make it!
    Thanks Jay- we had amazingly clear weather all day. Although the winds and cool temps (40's and 30mph winds) on the Summit in the morning had us off the summit fast!
    i dunno, come visit him in irasburg, maybee come to the rally, you can ask him yourself.
    he is domesticated ya know!
    OK, I really have no idea how this message thing works. Sorry you can't hike with us this weekend. Let me know when you're planning that canoe trip. I'm pretty much booked up until mid-October, but you never know! - Bob
    "Wonder what tunes he was listening to. "
    its the end of the world as we know it by REM?
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