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Jim lombard
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  • ya i guess?? i climbed all 48 this winter so thought i might try all 46 as well...not enough time now...meb and i will hit the daks hard in oct..i'm only 2 hrs away so will try to do them all next winter???
    OK, I am planning to be out this weekend one day anyway - nothing definite yet. Better weather day, most-likely, as my wife & kids can go skiing and not miss me too much.

    Jim, thank you so much for the green square. We love that stretch of trail, as well. In fact, Zeacliff Overlook is where I met my BF 16 years ago, when we were both solo backpackers! We were lucky to be able to adopt the segment when it became available about 10 years ago. Enjoy!
    OK, just throwing it out there, they were talking Jefferson also but everyone is afraid Jewell is going to be a mess with all the new snow
    Yes I am interested... However, I already have done Madison and I was kind of saving Adams for someone else, but that has not yet materialized. Ed already told me he might not be able to go.
    Jim- yea, I guess I had Devils Den confused with a Bears Den, not that I'd want to run into either one there. I've corrected my error(s) - thanks for bringing it up!
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