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  • DUDE ! How the heck are you ? I was looking at pictures of when we all met at 10 Mile River, Rob had his baby there...that was FIVE years ago ! CR@P !!!
    Hey Kevin, hope you got my email, there's a video on YNN.COM that I sent you saying the hikers were found but in need of being extracted...

    And the article seemed to imply they were due out of the woods by Friday, which could easily been a mistake by the news article. I hope they wind up safe and sound.

    Suggest that if anything, contact Reg 4 DEC, as that I think is Greene County and Region 4... "Forest Rangers - Wildfire Suppression, Search and Rescue;(607) 652-5063"

    I was on the traverse that Eric wrote about on Mar 7th (sunday) as it was his and my friend maria's finish. We did that route, passing the Batavia Kill leanto onto BH and the traverse all the way to Barnum road. Route finding past BD was difficult due to the snow heights but we laid out a track all the way over. Have no clue what the rains did this weekend, or perhaps it came down as more snow at the very high elevations of the Blackhead range, if anything, it probably wiped out our tracks from the previous week.

    With the rains that we have had this week, imagine the rivers are roaring, like the West Kill and I wonder what it came down as up there, as freezing rain or snow. I know some of the upper elevation in western Ulster county were predicted as coming down as snow. I pray for you that this has a good ending, I can imagine that w/o good knowledge of the trail and/or map and compass, its not hard to start descending off the wrong side of the mtn. Thanks for updating.. let you know if I hear anything.

    Good seeing you Saturday ! Congrats on the engagement, pending wedding and new job location ! I guess my sister made it home okay with the kayak !
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