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  • Hi Court.

    The mountain is the Pic of Orizaba, in Mexico. But I have to convince JS first !
    Jets vs Pats. We are about to sort out the AFC East real soon. I have not figured out if the Pats were bad on Monday night, or if the Bills were good. The Jets looked like heavy weights against Houston. With Miami playing the Colts, by Tuesday it will be much clearer. I would not be surprised at all if Rex puts Brady on his back 6x on sunday.(and wins) If that happens, I pick the JETS to win the AFC East. All of this is still a bit of a bummer, I think the Bills are a better team this year, but will still finish last in the division.
    to protect their necks from your fangs! Chain mail scarves are the defensive armor of choice!
    "stewie and brian almost slept in a camel, but that was before they saw the comfort inn. "

    your posts always seem to be off topic.
    "Wonder what tunes he was listening to. "

    Certainly not Free Falling by Tom Petty!

    im sure you will kick A!S on that little 100 miler!
    you going to get a road bike now? fun isnt it? although you prolly havent had much time to ride lately......
    He's too busy trying to figure out what long pants he should wear on the trail to notice.
    Ah, I'm catching up on the avatar business. I'm still completely confused, but at least I know I'm not insane. Or at least I suspect that I think that I know that I'm not insane.
    squeek squeek squeek squeek ... accelerating to a crescendo then falling off.
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