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Little Rickie
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  • Little Rickie dont you know how these message boards work? When I Ask you something you come over to my page and answer the question. You dont answer it on your page;)
    It's not the quantity of friends, Rickie, it's the QUALITY! You pretty much have the 14 best people on this forum as your friends!
    Not far (up hill) from the waterfall with a view of the lake and a fire pit. It's clean and it would sleep 6 easy with plenty of room for tents near by.

    If you were to go left at the top of the trail we hiked up it's a 10-15 minwalk, I think.
    Good idea but not for a few weeks. I going up for the high peaks gathering in a weekend and the to St Kits for vacation.

    Hold that thought, we can make that happen. Would you winter camp a night at the lean-to? hg
    LOL, I actually did think about posting something about your continued (vain) attempts to increase blood flow to your brain, but the thread had moved on by the time I saw your post. I did get a good laugh out of your message.
    Was WW drinking at the time? ...... Come to think of it I think he was, but I won't let that count for anything!
    Hey Little Rickie! I don't think we've met but you seem pretty cool.... welll WW told me you are anyway.:)
    well richie there is your answer..sorry i didnt get back sooner.. I was in vancouver for business just got back fri. at midnight..go to my page to see what 1adam12 and sabrina said about your posting question.
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