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  • It was nice to see you too! That video didn't turn out, the image was totally blurry, that's why I didn't include it. I'm really happy you are able to trail run again. I take it there isn't any pain?
    We went to City Steam in Hartford, a really good ipa and an imperial porter. Also the Cambridge House Brew Pub in Torrington, again good ipa, and a stout.
    Hi again. Thanks for the greenie. What a great day it was up there. As we walked both up and down along the tracks several trains came by. You would have thought we were a moose the way everyone was taking pictures. The word must have gone out that the clouds were breaking because they were running several trains close together. The view with the undercast when I arrived was spectacular. Then when it all lifted the views of the valley were equally spectacular. It was the kind of photo-op day I had been hoping for.
    Hey..I was so pleased to see you back at workouts and more importantly back on the trails...It's tough being out of the game for awhile....I would enjoy being part of one of your hikes..working the next couple of weekends so settling for tues and thurs but time frees up after that...thanks for the greenie...and again..glad to see you back out there doing it..I enjoyed the Ferncroft-Sleepers-Trys about this time last year,,excellent hike
    Ye old VFTT server wouldn't let me give you a greenie yesterday--made we wait 24 hours. But your second winter picture was so "wow" that I did wait. Then for some reason it wouldn't let me comment, so I'm posting the comment here.
    Thank you for the green spot, Larisa. You're always so thoughtful and generous. If you're ever of a mind to try it, Tuckerman and I would love to host you on a climb up the old Tuckerbrook ski route. Meanwhile, please accept my very best and sincere wishes for a quick and perfect healing of your injury.
    Thanks for the greenie! Saw you hiked out to Lowe's Baldspot. What's the prognosis? What's the good news Fishercat is talkin' about?

    Sorry to learn about the hip problem. Please find a good doctor and listen to him/her. Hope you’re back in the game real soon.
    Thanks for the greenie!!! The pictures are up although they haven't been captioned yet. Hope you heal quickly so that we can see you on the trails real soon.
    Thanks, Larisa. I hope you are doing okay. I know it's hard to be forced into taking it easy. Just take good care of yourself until you heal.
    Larisa, thanks for the greenie. Hope you're still planning on doing the Moose next week, we'd love to see you there.
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