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  • Thanks for this...It helps to know what to expect...so you were there in Late May...(or that is the date on the web page) no leaves out
    Yay! Thanks for the greenie. Hope I can stop by and visit you guys at the new campground soon :)
    Thank you for asking: Mansfield. I am busy the next few weekends. But I plan on picking a very nice Saturday or Sunday in September or perhaps early October, and doing the whole ridge including Sunset Ridge. I will post in Trips and Events.
    Thanks for the greenie on the report about our silly laps of Knife Edge. One mile of Knife Edge isn't enough to keep Sue happy, and I'm not sure four is enough either but we ran out of day. Perhaps next time we'll start earlier in the day, earlier in the week, and on fresh legs.

    I really enjoyed seeing you at Baxter Bash 2010 and spending some time together on the trail.
    late start so just did an out and back to galehead and south twin..wet and cloudy in the morning but cleared off..obviously..back in the parking lot
    thanks michael..it was a beautiful traverse yesterday..going to do your twins hale route tomorrow and finish up july
    Enjoy that Map BTW. It's chock full of goodies (like the trail up White cap). I suppose since I am hosting the only copy of the file on the internet that I could digitally move the 42 to strengthen my argument? :) haha!
    Killed the battery on the camera the day before on Megantic so no pics.

    But anyone who has done the NEHH peaks in Maine or 3ks around there owes it to themselves to climb Gosford. It's a top notch view. You even get a sort of "Katahdin effect" when you look to the north as its so flat and low and you are so high up.

    Megantic pics will be on FB. TR may materialize. Its a very nice area and those little hamlets nearby are actually very nice.
    Hey Michael..thanks for the greenie..things are just cruising along and looking forward to the hancocks..well unless thats been changed he he..on sunday
    thanks for the greenie! It was a really neat trip! Climbing at 8oo feet a minute with no engine is a pretty cool feeling!
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